Energy manipulation is the ability to control and influence energy around you using will power and visualization. This ability is a foundation for nearly every psychic/psionic ability, and even magical rituals. Users can make constructs, program them, and if the user gets well in this ability, he/she can start seeing energy, which is the step of seeing auras. Users can form anything with energy using will and visualization.


Since energy manipulation of any form of energy, one can achieve amazing results such like forming energetic (made out of energy): shields, weapons, perform any kinesis, heal, and many other things. Naturally, it's impossible to destroy or create energy, however is it possible to break constructs and to use ambient energy to do various things.

Developing energy manipulationEdit

Close your eyes and focus on a limb. Visualize (imagine) energy, however you prefer to see it, flooding the limb. With enough effort you will begin to feel tingling, or other abnormalities. After becoming comfortable with this and being able to do it on a consistent basis, hold your hands as if you're holding a bowling ball before swinging it and letting it roll Move energy out of your hands and spin it (via will) Eventually you should feel abnormalities between your hands which should be a psiball.

A psiball is an extremely basic construct.