Technokinesis is the ability of being able to connect with technology with your mind. It is very useful since this world is just updating on technology all the time so it can pay off in the long run.

Connection with TechnologyEdit

As a beginner, it helps to meditate beforehand and to have knowledge and practice in electrokinesis (It's not needed but it is recommended). To start you want to get like a portable device and turn it on. Then sit it on you or on the floor then start focusing on the device and try to make a connection with it. You cant explain it. You can only really do it and figure it out.

Uses for TechnokinesisEdit

You can do a lot with this ability because everyone has technology so you can practice almost everywhere. You can reboot anything with your mind if you get really good and you could search anything up through your mind on a computer cause you should have a connection with some kind of computer. It would help a lot