This Blog is to help newcomers who are starting off fresh to start in the right direction.

  1. Start by learning concentration. It will help in your practice sessions and in your normal life like school.
  2. Then once you've gotton super good at concentration then move to Visualization, Visualization is very useful because you might need to visualize in mediataion or any abilities and in your normal life like when doing art or writing a book.
  3. Meditation is the next step. You will need to do meditation because it help clear your mind and helps you relax. It also relleifs stress. You will need it to clear your mind because without a clear mind you will have all these thoughts going through your mind at you wont be able to focus on what you are doing.
  4. The once you've gotten good at mediatation. You will be able to do Telekinesis. Telekinesis is good to start on because it is kinda like a the begining of the whole kinetic practices. It will get you into the habit of focusing on the one object for long peroids of time and once you get good at that you can move on to other kinetics
  5. Then when you learn all the kinetic abilities you want then you can start on Esp abilities. Esp or other known as Extra sensory perception are abilties like telepathy or Empathy. They are more to do with like extra senses. These are really cool because you can help others with them or attack hostile people but please don't attack anyone. Start out with telepathy and see where that takes you.
  6. Once you get good at those you can start doing stuff like Astral Projection. Even though that is still a ESP ability, it is still harder then Telepathy. Practice that for a while and then your pretty set to go.

Please don't skip through this blog because you will end up making the same mistake I did. I just did what I wanted and now I am trying to go back and fix it but it is annoying. I am just trying to help.